About Us

The Marquette Artist Collective is a group of working artists and art supporters from the Marquette, MI area. We have informational gatherings, workshops, local art displays, gallery shows, social events and more. We have the common goal of supporting each other’s creativity and the arts in our community by connecting artists for communication and growth.

Artist Collectives have occurred throughout history, often gathering around central resources. Some ancient sculpture workshops gathered at the marble quarries in Greece and Italy. Collectives efforts happened during the Russian and French Revolutions when they were set up by the state in major communities. During the French Revolution in Paris, the Louvre was occupied as an artist collective. More traditionally, collectives are small groups of artists that maintain shared spaces, exhibits, workshops, share visions and hold gatherings.

The concept of the collective came to a local artist the summer of 2017 around the August 21st Eclipse of the sun. Looking for a creative supportive gathering of artists… she posted a simple statement of enquiry online to start this group. Response was immediate. Starting off with three artists; Joy Bender Hadley, Melissa Sprouse and Claire Moore who discussed what the basic structure of the group might become. They developed the Collective, a gathering for visual artists to come together for creative support for the individual artists, as well as for the community.

Right away, gatherings began. The Gatherings are held on Tuesdays, every other week, each one with a topic of discussion or project activity focus.

The Marquette Artist Collective has continued to grow, adding a rented shared Gallery space, and opening membership to get a wider range of talented folks. At each Gathering, we discuss: art, the business of art, have critiques, create individual & collaborative work, plan exhibits, how to get involved with the community creatively and how to be supportive of members and guest artists.

(Photography by Sabrina Leigh Studios )